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Trevor Whittingham pwdfs website img

PWDFS needed something that represented diverse outdoor adventures. I felt like a colorful lineup of boards, skis, and a paddle would work nicely, & it turned out pretty well.

AdMind Logo

Trevor Whittingham admind website img

AdMind already had a logo, but it was very blocky and you couldn't tell that it was supposed to be a brain. I came up with this lusciously smooth brain, mimicked Google's new "Product Sans" font for the text, and decided to lower case AdMind's "a" because it looked best in the logo.

TW Logo

My own personal logo. It had to contain TW in some way to represent my initials, and I also have a strange obsession with teeth. It didn't take long before the TW Tooth Logo was born.

Sunshine Coast Logo

Sunshine Coast is a clothing startup featuring designs inspired by Australia (where the Sunshine Coast resides). The logo was supposed to be a round emblem & I decided to give the text a relaxed, bright feel that represented a beautiful ocean sunset with its colors.


The DroneVision logo is simple, yet elegant. It's the top down view of a 3DR Solo Drone (what the DroneVision YouTube channel uses to film with). My favorite part is the gradient - I found two rich colors to mix and I love the way they blend to make a fiery, strong silhouette.


Vibematic needed a modern, squared, simple logo for their new social network launch. I used mainly stylized text for this one & used simple colors to allow it to adapt to any environment it will be placed in Vibematic's site or app.

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